Part 3: Sync to development

Let’s recap quickly. So far, you’ve synced text into Ditto from your design files (and directly from your product if you had string files!). You’ve started componentizing that text to make it reusable, standardized, and scalable.

Now it’s time to complete your single source of copy truth and get your copy in front of users.

For many teams, the workflow for implementing copy in development is manual and time-intensive. Developers have to copy-paste strings one-by-one from mockups, hunt around in the codebase for every occurrence of a string, manually check and update string files, and more. Simple copy edits can take weeks to work their way through the product development process.

With Ditto, writers and designers can own copy, and let developers to get back to building.

How does it work?

In Ditto, every piece of text will get assigned a unique ID. Developers will use these IDs to reference copy in their code (instead of pasting in the text directly). Developers will fetch up-to-date copy from your team’s Ditto component library using our API, CLI, or SDK, and the IDs in their code will take care of ensuring the right copy from Ditto gets displayed to users.

Note: we highly recommend developers pull copy directly from your team’s component library, instead of projects, because that text has already been consolidated and deduplicated across design files and projects.

With Ditto, copy changes become simple, whether they’re to copy in development or already in production. To make an edit, just change it in Ditto. Components will take care of making sure that edit goes out to every instance of that text. Developers can then just pull down the latest from Ditto, in whatever format they need.

If your team’s copy gets localized, you can do that directly in Ditto, use one of Ditto’s native TMS integrations, or extend Ditto’s functionality yourself using our API.

If you’re a developer, the next step is to try it out yourself! Head to our developer quickstart to learn how to make your first fetch from Ditto in 5 minutes or less.

Otherwise, read on for a bonus section on doing copy review in Ditto.

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