Setup Suggestions

When working on frames in your Ditto project, you can save time by using Ditto’s setup suggestions to copy over work you’ve already done.


At the moment, you can copy over two kinds of setup work done on other frames:

  • Blocks
  • Hidden text
  • (Components coming soon!)

Setup suggestions are accessed differently in the Ditto’s web app vs. Figma plugin.

  1. In the web app, you can choose which frames you’d like to copy setup suggestions to and from.
  2. In the Figma plugin, the suggestions are automated and will show up when Ditto detects frames in the Figma file are duplicates.

We’re planning for this functionality to be equal across the web app and Figma plugin in the near future!

Generate Suggestions for a Frame/Group (Web App)

When working on a project in the web app, you can explicitly select a frame, and then choose another frame in that project to copy setup work over from.

How it works

Open up an existing Ditto project in the web app, find the frame/group you’d like to copy setup work over to, and click either the name of the frame or “Select All.” (Tip: if you’d like to add more frames from your Figma file, click the “Manage” link in to the top left of the project, then “Add frames from Figma file.”)

Click “Copy setup from another group” in the right panel. Then, in the dropdown, select the group in the project that you’d like to copy items from.

Ditto will generate suggestions for items to copy over based on your selection. You can choose which ones you’d like to apply using the checkboxes, as well as see how those suggestions will look on the actual group by clicking the “Preview” toggle.

Once you’ve finalized your selection, click “Apply” to save those changes.


  • Existing setup (Blocks, hiding) may be overridden when you "Apply" changes." Make sure to preview changes before applying them, since the preview represents exactly what your group will look like when you apply changes.

Automated Suggestions for Duplicate Frames (Figma plugin)

In the Figma plugin, Ditto will surface automated suggestions when we detect you’re adding new  Figma frames that are duplicates of existing frames in your project.

How it works

Open up a Figma file you’ve already imported into Ditto, and open up Ditto’s Figma plugin. Select the Figma frames you’d like to add.

If Ditto has found any suggestions, you’ll see the option to review them. Note: if you dismiss the suggestions, you won’t be able to revisit them later on.

When reviewing the suggestions, you’ll see them organized by frame. When you click into a frame, you’ll be able to view the suggestions for that frame in detail. You’ll also be able to preview the them visually in the Figma file:

If you’d like to accept the suggestions for a frame, click “Add to Selection” in the frame detail view. To remove it from your selection, click that button again.

Once you have all the setup suggestions you’d like to accept selected, click “Apply Changes.”


  • You won’t see any suggestions when you first import a Figma file, only when you add new Figma frames to an existing Figma file.
  • Ditto generates suggestions for Figma frames that we detect are duplicates of Figma frames you’ve synced to your Ditto project. We hope to expand this to non-duplicate frames soon!

Have feedback on the suggestions, or want to see other types of suggestions? We’d love to hear about it! Message us at

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