Slack Integration

Our Slack integration allows teams to view activity in Ditto projects and the component library directly from Slack. Notifications keep teammates up-to-date on edits, comments, and other actions in Ditto.

How it works

With our Slack integration, you can connect Ditto projects and the component library to Slack channels in your Slack workspace. You’re able to connect both public and private Slack channels. To connect to a private channel, you'll need to first "/invite @Ditto" in the channel.

Once connected, it’ll notify the channel of activity, including:

  • Edits
  • Assignments
  • Comments
  • Status changes
  • (In Projects) Component attachments
  • (In Projects) Draft items created/deleted

After connecting a Slack channel, you can always change the Slack channel it’s associated with, or disconnect the project/component library from Slack.

Configuring your Slack notifications

Once you’ve connected a project or the component library to a Slack channel, you’ll also be able to configure the types of notifications you want sent to Slack.

Setting up the Slack integration

In order to enable the Slack integration in your Ditto workspace, you’ll need to go to your Account Settings to connect your organization's Slack workspace to Ditto.

  1. Go to Integrations
  2. Connect the Slack integration

You will either need to be a Slack admin or request admin approval in order to add the app to your Slack workspace. Once you’ve configured the Slack integration at the workspace level, you’ll be able to connect any of your projects or the component library to Slack.

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