Suggest Edits

Reviewing copy and want to suggest a change without editing directly? Try suggesting an edit!

How to suggest an edit

In addition to making edits directly to text, you can also suggest edits in the edit panel in Ditto. This can be helpful when proposing alternate phrasing for text or having discussion around potential edits.

To suggest an edit, switch the text input from “Editing” to “Suggesting”. This will switch the edit panel to suggesting mode, as indicated by the green color. In suggestion mode, only the text input itself is enabled and additional metadata fields like status, notes, assignment, plurals, and tags will be disabled.

To make a suggestion, edit the text to the text you would like to suggest and click “Save Suggestion”.

Accepting or rejecting a suggestion

Suggestions are generated like comments — meaning they’ll appear in the “Activity” tab of a text item, in the project-level activity, in the recent comment section, and in Quick Reply.

Any suggestion can be accepted or rejected, and the person that accepted or rejected the suggestion will also be displayed in the change history. Accepted suggestions will immediately be reflected in the text.

Suggestions can be made for individual text items as well as for components. If a suggestion is accepted for a component, the edit will be reflected across all of the components’ suggestions.

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