Signing up without a Figma account

Hey there! If you're trying to join an existing Ditto workspace and don't have edit access to your team's Figma files, keep reading! Otherwise, if you have a Figma account, check out this guide instead.

1. Open up Ditto

Head over to Ditto's web app:

2. Sign in

On the login screen, choose whether you'd like to sign in with Google or Azure AD.

3. Complete onboarding

In the first page of the onboarding flow, choose "I don't have a Figma account" at the bottom under the Continue button.

4. You're all set! 🎉

Once you finish the onboarding flow, you should be able to access, resync, and edit projects in your Ditto workspace!

If you ever receive a notification that you need to connect your Figma account, you can do so by:

  • Heading over to your Account Settings (click your name in the top right, then Account Settings, then User in the left menu)
  • Under Connections, clicking Revoke Access for Figma
  • Clicking Add Connection for Figma

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