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September 14, 2023

🔢 Getting Started Guidance

We've revamped our guidance — both in-app and in our help guides

  • In the projects dashboard, you'll now see a banner with quickstart buttons for navigating the three core aspects of Ditto.
  • In our help guides, we've revamped the Getting Started section to provide teams with clearer, step-by-step guidance for getting set up from end to end.
September 1, 2023

⛔️ Character Limits

For any text item in Ditto, you can now add a character limit (in either the plugin or the web-app). For all characters above the character limit, we'll highlight them red in the editor.

September 1, 2023

👐 Updated Component Library Drag and Drop

We've updated the drag and drop in the component library to be a smoother and snappier.

August 22, 2023

🔗 Deep Linking in Projects

When working from a project, the URL will now store where you are in the project -- including selected text item and page.

This means you can share your project link from the URL bar and others will be able to navigate to exactly what you have selected!

August 9, 2023

⚡️ Fixes and improvements

💻 We’ve released a number of improvements to our developer integrations! View full changelog

  • We added the exclude_components parameter to project endpoints in our API — this parameter excludes text items currently attached to Ditto components. Learn more
  • The flat JSON format now includes rich text when the includeRichText parameter is true.
  • We now correctly escape “%” characters in the iOS Strings format.
  • We’ve released a new CLI patch version (v3.10.1) to accommodate new variant metadata included in JSON formats and to not pull down string files without text ID keys.
  • We now robustly display developer ID edit change items for edge cases — including when regenerating component developer IDs and from renaming components.

Other improvements:

  • 🪄 We’re testing out automated component name generation. To try it out, go to the create component suggestions of any project.
August 1, 2023

⚙️ 2 New Developer ID Settings

We’ve added 2 additional configurations for developer IDs! You can find them in your Developer Integrations settings:

1. Prevent manual edits to developer IDs (for components or projects)

2. Automatically update group IDs and block IDs when a group name or block name gets changed

July 31, 2023

🔍 💻 Filter by Developer ID

You can now filter by developer ID in both projects and the component library by using a search filter. We'll continue to support the "ID=" query directly in the search bar, but we hope this makes searching by developer ID more accessible! 

July 26, 2023

📜 Variant Descriptions

You can now add descriptions to variants! These descriptions will appear when selecting a variant, and will also appear in variant-specific exports.

We're also introducing a revamped variant library — with an edit panel, instances tab, and selection! 🎉

July 26, 2023

🔍 🔀 Search & Filter by Variant

You can now search / filter by variant text in projects and the component library! With a variant filter, the search input will apply to only the specified variant text.

July 19, 2023

🤲 Multi-select component suggestions

In both the web-app and the Figma plugin, you can now multi-select component suggestions. This includes:

  • Selecting multiple via the checkbox
  • Selecting / deselecting all
  • Accepting all selected

We hope this highly requested feature helps teams quickly integrate components in their projects! 

July 17, 2023

🤏 Component suggestions for selection

In the Figma plugin, you can now filter down component suggestions to text in your Figma selection! 

  • On the Components tab, you can now select between "Your selection" and "All" for the component suggestions being displayed
  • On the Selected tab, a short cut to filter the component suggestions to the current selection will also appear if suggestions are available

July 14, 2023

👯‍♀️ Merge Suggestions

In your component library, we'll now surface merge suggestions: components in your library with the same text and metadata that you can merge into the same component.

July 11, 2023

💻 Use Ditto in Figma Dev Mode

You can now use Ditto in Figma Dev Mode to allow developers to quickly access and copy developer IDs, as well as production-ready code snippets to insert the ID in various languages. Check out our full help guide to learn more.

July 5, 2023

🌎 Integrate with Lokalise via Connections

You can now connect text from Ditto to Lokalise via a connection! This means that teams using Lokalise as their TMS can send text from Ditto components directly to Lokalise for translation, as well as write translations from Lokalise back to Ditto, without any manual work updating text from different sources.

Thank you to the Lokalise team for their work building this integration! For instructions on getting started, go here.

June 30, 2023

⚡️ Fixes and improvements

💻 We’ve released a lot of improvements to our developer integrations! View full changelog

  • 🔌 New features for our VS Code Plugin:
    • Ability to search just the currently opened file in VS Code
    • Ability to match based on components from a specific component folder
    • Improvements to text search and matching speed
  • We’ve added an endpoint to allow importing components directly via the API / CLI
  • We’ve added a new command to the CLI to list all component folders in a workspace
  • We’ve updated our API documenation to cover usage guidance and clearer organization.
  • We’ve added a new .stringsdict format, which brings full plural support to iOS.
  • We’ve enabled the ability to specify multiple formats in the CLI config.

Other improvements:

  • ⚡️We now automatically ignore invalid items (ex: text not on a frame) in your selection during import from the Figma plugin.
  • 🔀 We’ve released several improvements to variant usability:
    • You can now add multiple variants at the same time to a frame.
    • You can now edit variant text directly in the “Variants” subtab in the “Selected” tab in the Figma plugin. Previously, the variant had to be applied in order to be edited.
    • When adding a variant, you can now filter variants by those “Used in this project”.
  • 🔤 Special characters are now allowed in project and component folder names. We’ll correctly parse them when creating developer IDs.
  • ⚠️ If resync is stalling due to specific Figma file pages hitting size limits, we’ll proactively surface the pages in an alert.
  • 📂 We’ve added the ability to import a new project to a project folder directly from the Figma plugin.
  • 💬 We’ve improved the project activity feed to not show resolved comments by default. Resolved comments will still be shown when toggling to “Resolved” in the comments tab.
  • ✨ We’ve improved our multiplayer support for in Ditto! This means concurrent actions by multiple teammates for even more actions such as edits to components will be shown in realtime.
  • 🏷 We’ve added “Page Name” as an option in the project text developer ID template.
  • 🐞 We’ve fixed a bug related to correct camelCasing / PascalCasing of component developer IDs when there are no delimiters.
June 29, 2023

📂 Introducing Variant Folders

Teams on our Growth and Enterprise Plans can now create and organize variants into folders! Learn more

June 16, 2023

↔️ Resize Figma Plugin

This highly requested feature is now live! You can now resize our Figma plugin.

The plugin will also remember the last size it was resized to, even if you close and reopen it between sessions.

June 15, 2023

⏳ Resync Progress Bar

When resyncing from the Figma plugin, you’ll now see a progress bar that indicates exactly where you are in the resync process.

We hope this is helpful, especially when working from large files!

June 14, 2023

🔐 Introducing Permission Groups

Teams on our Enterprise Plan can now create and manage custom permission groups for fine-grained control over access to projects and components in a workspace! This means you can now:

  • Allow certain teammates to use components, but not create or edit them
  • Create permission groups for specific teams or product areas
  • And more!

Learn more in our full help guide here.

May 25, 2023

📥 Introducing spreadsheet import

Say goodbye to outdated spreadsheets — you can now import CSV files into Ditto!

Via the import, you can map values from columns in the spreadsheet to create components in with text and metadata in your team's component library.

To get started, head to your component library. To learn more, check out our full help guide.