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January 30, 2024

⚡️ Fixes and improvements

  • 🤖 We now display a copy-and-pasteable project ID next to the project name when developer mode is on in a project.
  • 🛟 We added more detailed error-handling and format detection in the components import modal.
  • 🔐 We improved our handling of Figma authentication / resync for users that are not Figma editors.
  • 👯We improved the multi-player experience for our draft group editor.
  • 🐞 We fixed a bug in the manage frames modal that deselected frames when making new selections.
  • 🐞 We fixed a bug in ditto-react-demo to update variable names so that they render correctly.
  • 🐞 We fixed a bug in our ICU JSON format that was inadvertently including hidden text in a project.
January 11, 2024

🧪 Introducing A/B Testing Integrations

We’re excited to release our first integrations with A/B testing platforms: LaunchDarkly and Split! 🎉

Connect Ditto variants with your A/B testing platform to quickly iterate on your product text and tighten your experimentation feedback loop. To try out the integration, access them via the connections page.

January 4, 2024

🤖 💬 How Blip uses Ditto to write, edit, proofread, and translate 48% faster

Blip’s team of 1500+ employees (over 60 of which are designers) work together on a product that spans a global customer base: over 32 countries in 3 different languages. After a year of using Ditto, the Blip team found that Ditto allowed them to write, proofread, and translate 48% faster compared to their previous process.

We do a deep dive into Blip in our latest case study.

December 19, 2023

⚡️ Fixes and improvements

  • 📁 The API's import components endpoint (POST /components/file) now includes a new folderId query parameter that supports importing to a specific folder.
  • 📁 Variables nested in folders will now appear in search results when searching on the Variables page (rather than just showing their containing folders).
  • 🔌 We improved our Android exports to correctly escape "%" characters.
  • 🐞 We've fixed a bug with multi-select variant previews that didn't display the correct fallback for components without the previewed variant.
  • 🐞 We've fixed a bug with project and component search that prevented searching for a smart quotes.
  • 🐞 We fixed a bug with the accepted characters in a workspace's Developer ID settings that prevented parentheses from getting properly excluded.
  • 🐞 We fixed a regression that prevented users from clicking a component name to open components in a new tab when working from a project.
December 18, 2023

💪 Faster syncing with large Figma files

We've released an overhaul of our Figma integration to improve sync performance for projects connected to large Figma files. With these changes, you should experience: 

  • Significantly faster resyncs (in both the web-app and plugin)
  • Automatic detection of frames that have been moved to Figma pages that don't have other frames synced to Ditto

December 14, 2023

✍️ Project multi-edit now includes Components

When selecting and multiple text items in a project, your changes will also apply to selected components. These changes will also apply to the component's instances. Previously, these edits would only apply to text not attached to components.

This is now available in the multi-select panel in both the web-app and the plugin! 

December 14, 2023

💥 InstaSync™️: edit with the plugin, even during resync

We've spent this past month working hard to make things snappy and improve performance in Ditto. 💪

We're excited to roll out an overhaul of our plugin's Figma sync functionality: you can now select and edit text in the plugin's "Selected" tab, even before resync completes. It will fetch and display the most up-to-date text, as well as apply it directly to the selected text in the Figma file.

December 8, 2023

📁 Edit Component Folder Developer IDs

In addition to editing the folder name, you can now separately edit the folder's developer ID: 

December 6, 2023

🤏 Multi-select Component Drag-and-drop

In the component library, you can now drag and drop multiple components at once -- whether it's to a folder, group, or block! 

November 27, 2023

☑️ Add Variants to All Frames

When adding a variant to a frame, you can also add it to all of the frames in a project by selecting a checkbox!

November 9, 2023

🌐 Component Filter in Projects

In a project, you can now filter the text items to those that are or aren’t attached to components!

November 9, 2023

⚡️ Fixes and improvements

  • 🔗 We now include a link to the specific text item in the Ditto project in the CSV (spreadsheet) export.
  • 📜 We’ve improved the draft editor to be more stable when making successive edits.

💻 We’ve released a number of improvements to our developer integrations! View full changelog

  • In our React SDK, Ditto text items with rich text can now be rendered natively by passing the richText property on either Ditto or DittoText.
  • Our CLI now includes iOS localization compatibility out of the box with .lproj files and the new iosLocales config parameter.
  • Our CLI now generates a index.d.ts TypeScript file alongside the index.js driver file for JSON formats to better support TypeScript project

November 1, 2023

🚀 New Developer Docs

Today, we released Ditto's new developer docs! 🎉

Over the last few months, we overhauled our developer-facing documentation, guides, and example repos. In the new docs, we tackle explaining both how Ditto works in the big picture and how to solve specific use-cases with concrete examples.

This included answering common questions like:

  • What would my product team need to do to get Ditto integrated into development?
  • When should I use the Ditto API vs. the Ditto CLI?
  • How does Ditto compare to a headless CMS?
  • How do Ditto’s developer integrations tie in with the web-app and Figma plugin?

It also includes expanded functionality, such as:

  • The ability to test API endpoints directly from the docs
  • Example apps (that sync with a design and a Ditto project!)
  • Developer-oriented explanations for core Ditto concepts

We cover the changes to our developer docs in this blog post.

October 31, 2023

🔢 Sample Project + Components

In any workspace, you can now access a pre-loaded sample project!

This project serves as a playground for your team to understand how Ditto works, and can be connected to a design file and to a developer environment in less than 5 minutes.

October 30, 2023

🖼 Synced Frame Indicator

We've added a new setting in our Figma plugin's layer name settings: Synced Frame. If this setting is toggled on, it will add the ✍️ emoji to the layer name of frames currently synced to Ditto.

September 29, 2023

🪝 Introducing Webhooks

Webhooks allow developers to receive payloads when data in Ditto is changed. Some use-cases include:

  • Real-time synchronization between Ditto and development
  • Building automation around Ditto events
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Visibility / notification of changes (i.e. ID changes, component creation, text edits) 

You can now set up and create webhooks directly in your team's Developer Integrations page. For more information, check out our webhooks docs!

September 26, 2023

⚡️ Fixes and improvements

💻 We’ve released a number of improvements to our developer integrations! View full changelog

  • We released v4.0.0 of our CLI, with a focus on config customization! Learn more
  • We’ve improved our mobile formats to keep variables in the same order across variants and plural forms.
  • We’ve released v1.5.0 of our React SDK to support rich text for components.
  • We’ve extended rich text compatibility to our nested JSON format.
  • We’ve improved our Android XML import to detect additional edge cases.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with our plugin running in Figma Dev Mode.

⚡️ We’ve improved performance in several areas of our application:

  • Syncing new frames
  • Web-app loading
  • Increased ability to handle large projects

Other improvements:

  • 🤲 We’ve added the ability to multi-select and attach to components via our Figma plugin.
  • 📂 When searching in your component library, we’ll surface component results, even if they’re nested in folders.
  • 🤝 You can now request and sign up for the waitlist for integrations on the Connections page!
  • 🗂 We’ve added folders for Variables for teams on the Growth and Enterprise plans.
  • 🐞 We fixed a bug related to the unsaved changes modal displaying when navigating away from text with plural forms.
  • 🤏 We’ve overhauled drag-and-drop in the component library to be a lot smoother, especially when moving large components.
September 14, 2023

🔢 Getting Started Guidance

We've revamped our guidance — both in-app and in our help guides

  • In the projects dashboard, you'll now see a banner with quickstart buttons for navigating the three core aspects of Ditto.
  • In our help guides, we've revamped the Getting Started section to provide teams with clearer, step-by-step guidance for getting set up from end to end.
September 1, 2023

⛔️ Character Limits

For any text item in Ditto, you can now add a character limit (in either the plugin or the web-app).

Characters beyond the limit will get highlighted in red in the editor.

September 1, 2023

👐 Updated Component Library Drag and Drop

We've updated the drag and drop in the component library to be a smoother and snappier.