Collaborate on copy

Manage the words across your team’s product from design to production.

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The words on your product matter.

Words shape how you’re communicating to your users across your product. Bad copy can make even the best designs ineffective.

Ditto allows teams to collaborate on consistent and effective copy. Say goodbye to outdated copy scattered across documents, sheets, mockups, and tickets. 👋

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Edit history and status

View detailed edit history for all of your copy. With Ditto, team members can also mark the status of individual pieces of text.

Keep it consistent

Our two-way sync makes sure that the right copy is always in your mockups. In Ditto, your team can organize and reuse text across projects with a text component library.

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An overhead view

Search the copy across all of your designs by the text or metadata. See how components are related to one another.

Writing is teamwork

With Ditto, anyone on a team can view, edit, and comment on copy. Changes and their authors are surfaced real-time in the app.

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Our Pricing

For individuals or teams just getting started in Ditto

  • Syncs with Figma mockups
  • Unlimited projects
  • Up to 2 teammates

For teams to collaborate across all stakeholders

per editor,
per month
  • Everything in Starter
  • Export projects to JSON, CSV
  • Team text component library
  • Comment-only seats

For large organizations or those in highly-regulated industries

per editor,
per month
  • Everything in Team
  • Priority support
  • Advanced security
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Always free to get started, with flexible pricing that scales with your team.

1200+ teams use Ditto.

Say goodbye to outdated copy scattered across documents, sheets, mockups, and tickets. 👋

Ditto serves as your team’s central source of truth for product copy.