Keyboard Shortcuts

Ditto has a few keyboard shortcuts to make navigating projects easier.

Note: You'll see cmd/ctrl used below. This indicates command on Mac and control on Windows and Linux. We only support English/QWERTY keyboards at the moment!

In a project or in the component library

To select a range of items:

  • Click on a text item
  • Hold down shift
  • Click another text item
  • All text items between those two you clicked will be added to your selection

To select individual text items:

  • Click on a text item
  • Hold down CMD/CTRL
  • Click another text item to add it to your selection

To clear your selection:

  • Press ESC to clear your selection

In the Component Library

To select all components:

  • CMD/CTRL + A

To collapse/uncollapse component navigation:

  • CMD/CTRL + K

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