Component Suggestions

Component suggestions automatically surface components from your library most similar to text in a design file, allowing teams to quickly integrate their existing components with Ditto projects.

You can view and use component suggestions for a project in the "Components" tab of our Figma plugin. There, for each suggestion you'll be able to see:

  • Text item(s) identified in your project — clicking on this will also give you the option to select and page through the text in the Figma file itself to check where you may be potentially attaching components!
  • Component from your library that's suggested — the percent match to the text identified will also show in the top-right. The suggestions are ordered by percent match, with a minimum of 80%.
  • Button to attach the component to the suggested instances — this will attach the component to each of the suggested

You can still manually attach individual pieces of text to Ditto components. To do that, just select text in Figma and then attach it to a component in our "Selected" tab. For more information about general component usage, check out this guide.

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