In Ditto, you can assign text to teammates in your workspace. This can be helpful to hand text off to specific stakeholders for review, notify a teammate to look at a specific text item, or to indicate the owner of a text item.

Assigning Text

To assign text:

  • Select a text item
  • In the right-side edit panel, select “Assign”.
  • Search for a teammate in your workspace by name. You can only assign text to individuals in your workspace.

You can also assign multiple text items at the same time by following the same actions when using the edit panel while multi-selecting.

You can assign individual text items in projects, or you can assign components in your workspace. A component’s assignment will sync across all of the component’s instances.

Viewing your assigned text

When text has been assigned to you, you’ll receive a notification both in-app and via email.

In a project or in the component library, you can filter by the assignee via the search bar.

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