Tips for cross-team collaboration

Ditto was built with collaboration in mind. Often-times, copy is collaborated on by everyone on a team from designers to writers to marketing to legal. Use these tips + tricks to streamline your copy workflow with your team!

Use status to indicate progress

Reduce confusion around what text has already been approved by assigning a status (Work in Progress, Ready for Review, Final) in Ditto.

  • You can assign a status to a piece of text in either the plugin or the web app.
  • The new status and who changed it will show up in the change history.
  • In the web app, the text will get color-coded (red, yellow, or green) so you can easily scan and see what hasn't been finalized yet.

When you resync your Figma file, the layer names will get updated with emojis indicating status:

  • Work in Progress - 🛑
  • Ready for Review - 🔶
  • Final -

With this, designers can glance at the status of text from the Layers panel directly in Figma! 

Tip: you can change the status of multiple pieces of text at the same time by turning on Multi-select in the top bar and selecting multiple pieces of text.

Comments and mentions

You can add a comment to a specific piece of text in both the Ditto web app and the Figma plugin. You can also reply to comments by teammates, or mark comment threads as resolved when you're finished with them.

Web app

In the web app, select a piece of text and open the Activity tab.

Here, you can leave a new comment, reply to an existing comment, or resolve a comment thread. Comments and changes are displayed together in the Activity tab so that you can understand the context surrounding any comments.

When commenting (in either the web-app or the plugin!), you can leave an @ mention for anyone on your team. Mentions will automatically notify the mentioned user with an in-app notification and an email notification.


Select a piece of text in the Figma file, open the Selected page in the plugin, and select the Comments tab. The number in the tab header corresponds to the number of open comment threads for that piece of text.

To view all comment threads in a project, select the Project tab in the plugin and go to the All Comments subtab. Click on a comment thread to add a reply.

You can toggle between displaying All or Only Yours for the comments. When toggled to Only Yours, comments are divided between Unread and Older, depending on if you have an unread notification regarding the comment. By clicking Mark all as unread, you will mark the comment notifications within the project you're working from as read.

When viewing all Resolved comment threads will show up greyed out.

Ditto Components build a shared vocabulary for your team

Ditto Components are pieces of text that can be reused across projects.

Speed up your team's workflow by building out your Ditto Component library. Instead of reinventing the wheel each time new content is needed, team members can reuse existing copy. Any time a Component is edited, the edit will propagate to all the places where the Component is being used. 🙌

For more on how to create, attach, and detach Ditto Components, read the full guide here →

Bring stakeholders into your workspace

To add more team members, head over to Account Settings by clicking your name in the top right. You can either:

  • Invite teammates via email — they'll get an email with instructions on signing up.
  • Share your workspace invite link

If your workspace is on the Team or Enterprise plans, you'll be able to invite teammates as an Admin, Editor, or Commenter. For a detailed look at these roles and their permissions, visit this guide. To learn about what commenters can do in Ditto and what their experience looks like in Ditto, head over here.

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