Syncing edits to duplicates

To streamline your copy workflow and easily make updates to multiple strings at once, Ditto offers the ability to sync edits to matching text items at once. This guide will cover how and when to use this “sync edits to duplicates” feature in Ditto!

What is “sync edits to duplicates”?

Sync edits to duplicates allows you to sync a change in Ditto to matching text items, saving time and ensuring copy changes wherever is needed. This will include edits to the text itself, as well as edits to Ditto metadata- statuses, notes, and tags.

You'll see the "sync edits to duplicates" option appear if your project contains duplicated text (that's been synced to Ditto). If a text item doesn't have any matches within your project that have been synced to Ditto, the option to sync edits to duplicates won't appear.

Selecting “sync edits to duplicates” when saving a text edit will also update any full, exact matches within the project. Sync edits to duplicates won’t update text items that aren’t an exact match, text items in other projects, or text that's been hidden. Any rich text formatting applied will not impact whether text items are considered a match.

What’s the difference between “sync edits to duplicates” and Ditto components?

Whereas sync edits to duplicates functions as a “find and replace” option within projects, components will be in sync across projects. Components are also managed in your component library, can have their own metadata (like statuses, notes, and tags) and share an API ID.

Sync edits to duplicates can be helpful for quickly editing all duplicate text in a project, but connecting them to the same component ensures that you don’t have to keep checking this option to ensure text items stay in sync.

When should I use a component in Ditto instead?

Other than quick edits to matching text, we recommend using Ditto components for any copy that’s duplicated. This is because:

  • Components will be available across Ditto projects.
  • You can store and manage components from the Component Library.
  • Components are always available to be reused. To do so, you can search for and attach components directly within projects by selecting “Create or attach component” from the Edit tab and searching for the component you’d like to reuse.
  • Developers can fetch the component library directly, where text is already de-duplicated,

To create a component, select “Create or attach component” from the Edit tab.  Learn more →

For a quick way to turn repeated copy in your project, try component suggestions.

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