Variant Folders

On Ditto’s Growth and Enterprise plans, you can create variant folders to organize your workspace’s variants. You’ll be able to group related variants together so that they’re easier to find and use. For example, you can create folders to separate variants for:

  • Different product areas
  • Different teams
  • Different use cases

Creating variant folders

To create a variant folder, head to the variants page and click Create new folder. To move variants into a folder, click the three-dot menu on the variant you’d like to move, and then click Move to a folder.

Tip: you can also move multiple variants into a folder at once:

To rename or delete a folder, open the folder and then click the three-dot menu on the top right.

Using variant folders

When you’re looking for a variant to use, whether in a project or in the component library, you’ll be able to filter your search to specific variant folders:

You’ll also be able to create variants directly in specific folders.

Variant folder permissions (coming soon!)

On Ditto’s Enterprise plan, you'll soon be able to use permission groups to control who has access to which variant folders, as well as what type of access. For example, you'll be able to restrict certain members of a workspace from creating variants, but still allow them to use variants in projects.

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