Invite-only Folders

Note: Invite-only folders are available for teams on Ditto's Growth Plan. Teams on the Enterprise Plan can now use Permission Groups, which are more flexible and customizable.

If you want to work on a project in Ditto with only a subset users in your workspace, you can create an invite-only folder.

Invite-only folders are only available to (1) admins in your workspace and (2) teammates who have been invited. Users in your workspace who haven't been invited won't be able to view or edit any projects within the invite-only folder.

Creating an invite-only folder

To create an invite-only folder, head over to your team's Projects Page and click "Add a new folder."

In the modal that pops up, you'll be able to toggle on the "Invite-Only" option. This folder will only be accessibly by teammates in your workspace who have been invited, and admins in the workspace (who have access to all invite-only folders by default).

If "Invite-Only" isn't selected, the project will be public and accessible by anyone in your workspace.

Inviting teammates to an invite-only folder

When first creating an invite-only folder, you'll be prompted to invite users:

You can also add and remove additional users later on by clicking the "Share" button in the folder:

You can share a folder with existing members of your workspace or with new members you'd like to invite to your workspace. To share with an existing member, just start typing their name and select them in the dropdown. To share with a new member, type their email and select which role you'd like to invite them as in the dropdown. When you click "Send Invite," they'll be sent an email letting them know.

Adding an existing teammate
Inviting a new teammate

Note: you can only invite new teammates into your workspace with your role or roles that are less restrictive. For example, if you are an Editor in your workspace, you'll only be able to invite new teammates as Editors or as Commenters (and not as Admins).

Tips for using invite-only folders

  • Components, variants, and variables are still shared across all projects in Ditto (even those in invite-only folders).
  • Inviting a teammate to a project within an invite-only folder will give them access to the entire folder.
  • Projects in Ditto are public (to your workspace) by default. To restrict access to a folder, you'll need to toggle "Invite-only" on. You can always turn this on later, but once a folder is invite-only, you won't be able to change it to be public
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