Importing Spreadsheets

You can easily bring content from spreadsheets into Ditto by importing your CSV files. Imported content will get created as components in your team's component library.

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To get started, head to your workspace's component library and click "New Component," then "Import from string file."

If you're looking to import content from an Excel spreadsheet, go to File > Save As, and choose the CSV format. If you're looking to import from a Google Sheet, go to FileDownloadComma Separated Values (.csv).

Mapping columns to component attributes

After uploading your CSV file, you’ll move to the "mapping" stage of the import.

Each row of your spreadsheet (besides the header row) will get created as its own component in Ditto. During this step, you’ll choose which column(s) Ditto should pull data from for each attribute of a component:

  • Text value (required)
  • Name (required) — You can choose one column or several. If you choose multiple, each column will be separated by a slash in the final component name (e.g., Column A / Column B).
  • Notes
  • Tags — If a cell has text separated by commas, each value will automatically get created as its own tag.
  • Status — Make sure to choose a column that only contains the following values or empty cells: Work in Progress (or WIP), Ready of Review (or REVIEW), or Final (or FINAL)
  • Component ID — Make sure to choose a column that only contains values without: duplicates, whitespace, or empty values. Learn more about developer IDs here.‍

Previewing the import

Once you finish mapping, you’ll get to preview all the components that will be created, as well as deselect any you’d like to exclude. The imported components will function just the same as any other Ditto components.

Importing variants

If you import a CSV file where the Component IDs are the same as existing components in your library, no new components will be created. Instead, the text in the CSV file will be added as variants to the existing components. You'll get to choose which variant:


  • We’ll assume the uploaded CSV file has a header row. The header row will not get imported as a component.
  • Currently, only CSV files using the comma delimiter and UTF-8 encoding are supported.
  • If you don't specify a column to pull the Component ID from, those will be generated using your workspace's Component ID Rules.
  • When creating components, we'll skip over any rows that will result in empty text values or component names.
  • If you import components with the same name as an existing component and don't specify a Component ID that already exists in the workspace, we'll create new components.
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