Exporting as a JSON

In Ditto, you can export copy as a JSON, CSV, and other formats directly in our web-app. In addition to being able to bring text from Ditto projects (and Figma files!) out in developer-friendly formats, the JSON exports in the web-app closely mirror the functionality of our API and can be used to preview what text in Ditto looks like via the API.

To learn more about exporting as a CSV, visit this guide.

👉Quick note: Exporting text is only available for linkable groups of text in Ditto, not draft groups. For more information on the difference between linkable and draft groups (as well as how to use each), head to our guide to drafting text in Ditto.


To export text, click the Export icon in the top bar in either a project or your Component Library.


For a complete list of the formats we support and information about what's included in each, head over to our developer documentation!

Variant-specific exports

To export text from a single variant in your project or Component Library, use the Variant dropdown to choose from variants currently being used.

Variant-specific JSONs are also useful for localizing your text by separating them into language-specific files.

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