Migrating your copy doc or deck to Ditto

Many teams use copy docs to organize and manage the text across their product — they act as the source of truth for all the copy in a project. But keeping copy docs in sync with mockups can be time-consuming, and stakeholders (like legal, marketing, or customer success) can have a difficult time reviewing text out of context.

With Ditto, you can create a living, dynamic copy doc! You can attach context and information to every piece of copy, and easily sync them back to Figma so your mockups can always be your copy source-of-truth.

Below, we'll walk through some tips for transferring your copy doc over to Ditto. We'll use this article on copy docs by Andrea Drugay, a UX writing manager at Dropbox, as our reference.

Traditional copy docs

Traditional copy docs are used to manage copy for a project. They usually include several images of mockups/screenshots and corresponding copy tables. Here's the example from Andrea's article:

Moving your copy doc to Ditto

Most, if not all, of the elements of a copy doc can be found in Ditto! When you import a Figma file into Ditto, we'll automatically create a new project with all of the text in that file.

Set Up

To closely mirror the structure of a copy doc table, you can bring out pieces of text into Blocks, as shown in this video:

With blocks, you can create copy doc tables with the actual text that's in your design files (without any copy/pasting back and forth!).

To focus on only the text in blocks, you can collapse the remaining text from view.


You can easily attach information to a piece of text by selecting it, which opens up the Edit panel.

Here, you can:

Set the status

Write final copy in the text field

  • When you resync in the Figma plugin, your file will get updated with any changes you make to the text field!

Add context in the notes section

  • We've seen teams use this section to provide additional context or constraints for their text.

Organize your text by adding tags

  • Some examples of tags: H1, Body, CTA
  • You can use these tags to filter text within a project or search the copy across all the files you import in the Search tab!

View the text in-situ

  • Click the Highlight button to view the text you're working on in the preview image
  • Click on the image to enlarge it
  • This preview reflects the file at the current moment!


With Ditto, you can stop manually tracking and updating versions — we automatically record all edits to text and status!

Click the Activity tab for any piece of selected text to view:

  • any comments
  • previous edits
  • status changes

Each item displays the name of the person who has made the change, what they changed, and when they changed it.

You can also view Project History by deselecting all text in the project.

Syncing with Figma

When you want to update your Figma file with the latest copy changes, simply open up Ditto's Figma plugin and click the Resync button. Read the full guide on resyncing here →


Last but not least, Ditto is compatible with spellchecking browser extensions such as Grammarly , so you can make sure your copy is typo-free! 🙌

Open the Edit panel to see it in action.

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