Signing up with a Figma Account

Hey there! If you have edit access to your team's Figma files, keep reading! If not, check out this guide for signing up without a Figma account instead.

1. Install Ditto's Figma plugin

Head over to Figma and install the Ditto plugin.

2. Open the plugin in a Figma file

Open up the Ditto plugin in your Figma file. You'll need to sign in if this is your first time opening the plugin. You can open plugins in Figma from the menu (see below) or by right clicking on the canvas and selecting Plugins.

3. Sign in and confirm your account

  • Click Sign in to sign up.
  • In the browser window that opens up, click Confirm to continue signing in.
  • You can navigate back to Figma after you click Confirm.

4. Finish onboarding in the web app

  • Click Open web app to launch the Ditto web app.

5. You're all set up! 🎉

  • Once you finish onboarding in the web app, you can either continue exploring or head back over to Figma to use the plugin.
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