LaunchDarkly Integration

LaunchDarkly is a 3rd party platform that can be used to create feature flags for experimentation, release control, and more.

Ditto's LaunchDarkly integration allows you to sync variants in your Ditto workspace with feature flags in LaunchDarkly, enabling your team to keep Ditto as the single source of truth for your copy and tighten the A/B testing feedback loop while iterating on product text.


First, you’ll need an access token from your LaunchDarkly account, which Ditto will use to communicate with the LaunchDarkly REST API. An access token can be created from the Authorization page.

Create a new access token, ensure it has at least a scope of Writer, and save it somewhere where you can access it later.

Next, you’ll need to find your LaunchDarkly project ID. Navigate to the Projects page and find the ID for the project you’d like to sync to Ditto.

Click the clipboard icon below the project name to copy the project ID value.

You now have everything you need to configure the integration. Navigate to Ditto’s Connections page, find the LaunchDarkly card, and click Open.

Paste your access token and project ID in the corresponding inputs of the modal, then click Set Up Connection.

If you’ve provided valid credentials, a modal will open for managing how Ditto syncs with LaunchDarkly.

On the left, you’ll see a list of feature flags from your LaunchDarkly project. On the right, you’ll see a list of variants in your Ditto workspace.

Click the checkboxes to indicate which Ditto variants should be synced to LaunchDarkly as variations on the currently selected feature flag.

Click different feature flags in the left nav to configure their synced variants on an individual basis.

When you’re satisfied with your changes, click Update Connection.

In LaunchDarkly, you should be able to see that the selected variants from Ditto have now been synced as feature flag variations.

You can revisit the LaunchDarkly connection at any point in the future to sync additional variants, remove variants previously synced, or update your credentials.

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