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Ditto's 2022 Rewind

Jessica Ouyang
January 16, 2023

When the Ditto team sat down last week to reflect on our 2022, we had a lot of milestones we were proud of. We shipped over 1,100 improvements to the Ditto product, expanded the team by several new teammates, and saw companies like Stash use Ditto to save 12,000+ hours each year in their workflows.

What we were proudest to see was how customers have truly embedded Ditto into their workflows at scale, saving time for everyone from writers to designers to developers. We rounded up a few of our metrics from 2022 that capture just what that usage looks like. 👇 🎉

In 2022, developers synced text from Ditto to directly to development 4.7 million times. When using our developer integrations to sync, string files in development get automatically updated with the latest text changes in Ditto. That’s a lot of time saved (and tickets reduced) for developers! Say goodbye to developers manually updating strings. 👋

Last year, Ditto users performed 162,535 syncs to or from Figma files. 43% of those resyncs were done using our Figma plugin, and the remaining 47% of resyncs were done from our web-app.

Syncing between Ditto and Figma is 2-way: the Figma file will get updated with the latest edits from Ditto, and the Ditto project will get the latest from the Figma file. That’s a lot of copy-and-paste saved for writers and designers. 🤯

In 2022, Ditto users put in work to systemize their text, creating 68,314 Ditto text components. When you edit a component or its metadata, the changes propagate to all of the component’s instances. Congratulations to all of the teams that built up their Ditto component libraries this year! 💪

Additionally, 320,613 individual strings were attached to components in 2023. That’s 320,613 strings teams no longer have to manually copy-and-paste repeated edits to! Shoutout to the writers and designers investing in reducing their own workloads. 😎

In 2022, Ditto users edited text in Ditto 642,222 times. That’s a lot of teams hard at work to better serve users through their product text. 🚀 Thank you to all of the designers and writers putting in hours each week through Ditto to improve their products!

Also, 258,608 string statuses were updated in Ditto, marking the text as “Work in Progress,” “Ready for Review,” or “Final”. 🎊 That just might mean 258.6 thousand fewer times a designer, PM, or developer has had to ask, “Is this text final? 🤔”

We’re beyond grateful for all of the enthusiasm, support and feedback we’ve received from our customers over the last year — and even more excited for what 2023 holds. Happy new year everyone! 🎊

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