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Ditto Integrates with Slack

Jessica Ouyang
February 15, 2023


Historically, teams have collaborated on copy using a patchwork of tools: bridging design files and hard-coded strings were Jira tickets, Slack threads, spreadsheets, screenshots, and lots and lots of back-and-forth.

Since launching Ditto, we’ve seen thousands of teams use Ditto to serve as a single source of truth for product copy, integrating from design all the way to development. Today, we’re excited to introduce Ditto’s Slack integration, so that we can meet users directly in their discussion and collaboration workflows!  🎊

Using our Slack integration, you’ll be able to connect projects and your component library directly to channels in your Slack workspace to receive notifications regarding Ditto activity.

How can Ditto’s Slack integration help?

We’re super excited to release this highly-requested integration and embed more deeply into teams’ workflows. This includes the ability to:

  • Share context with others — Surfacing Ditto work in Slack can prevent the text from being collaborated on in isolation and bring discussion and collaboration to existing tools. Teams can reduce information silos and quickly loop in team members for follow-up actions.
  • Align with existing team collaboration — Oftentimes, the text that’s being worked on in Ditto is a part of a larger project, whether it falls under a feature launch or a design systems discussion. When linking activity in Ditto with an existing Slack channel discussing ongoing work, team members can get a full picture of the work that’s happening.
  • Stay on top of notifications — In addition to receiving notifications for Ditto activity in-app and via email, you can stay up-to-date with activity in Ditto projects and your component library directly where your day-to-day communication happens. When you need to take action, easily jump into Ditto from the Slack messages.

Getting Started

To add our Slack integration, connect to Slack via the Connections page in your account settings.

Afterwards, you’ll be able to connect any project in your workspace or the component library to a Slack channel. Once connected, it’ll notify the channel of activity, including:

  • Edits
  • Assignments
  • Comments
  • Status changes
  • (In Projects) Component attachments
  • (In Projects) Draft items created/deleted

For more information about setting up our Slack integration, check out this help guide.

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