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Ditto Integrates with Grammarly

Jessica Ouyang
October 24, 2022

We’re so excited to share that Ditto now supports Grammarly natively — in both our web app and our Figma plugin! This means that for all text managed in Ditto, you’ll be able to correct misspellings and grammar mistakes, as well as view suggestions for improved writing clarity.

Grammarly in the Ditto Figma plugin
Grammarly in the Ditto web app

Why is this special?

  1. A mistake-free single source of truth. With Ditto serving as your team’s source of truth for product copy from design all the way to production, correcting writing mistakes through Ditto means that they’ll be carried out throughout your team’s mockups and development. Rather than re-fixing mistakes across different places where text lives, Ditto and Grammarly work together to make sure fewer mistakes get shipped to production.
  2. Now you can run Grammarly in your Figma files! Our native integration allows you to run Grammarly directly in any of your Figma files when using our Figma plugin — whether you’re in the Figma web-app or desktop app. All you have to do is select text directly in your Figma canvas and head to the “Selected” tab in our Figma plugin.
  3. Enforce accurate spelling and grammar across your entire team. Everyone on your team using Ditto will automatically see Grammarly-generated suggestions. With corrections to spelling and grammar taking place as you write, your team can spend less time reviewing text for minor errors — meaning shorter review cycles and more time freed up for novel work.

How can I try it out?

Grammarly will automatically run when you click into the edit panel in Ditto — when working from either our web-app or Figma plugin. Grammarly will also run in our draft text editor. If there are corrections to the text (misspellings, grammar mistakes, optimizations), they will appear on the text editor itself. 🎉

If you click on any of the corrections, it’ll offer you the option to implement the change directly in the text editor. Afterwards in Ditto, you’ll just have to save your edits to preserve your new changes!


Thank you to Grammarly for providing the functionality and allowing us to integrate with their technology!

You can always disable our native Grammarly integration from running in the bottom right side of the application. Keep in mind that if you have a Grammarly browser extension running, that will run in place of our native integration. Additionally, Grammarly currently only operates for English; however, if you would like to use any other browser-based grammar correcter, it will continue to function in Ditto’s web-app.

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