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Ditto Achieves SOC 2 Certification

Jolena Ma
March 22, 2023

Over the years, we’ve been so excited to see the rapid growth in the number and size of teams using Ditto. Teams have embedded Ditto deeply into their design and development workflows, relying on our Figma plugin and developer integrations to build a single source of copy truth, ship faster, and save thousands of hours.

As a product that helps other teams build their products, it’s always been a top priority to ensure that your data is stored safely and securely. Today, we’re proud to make this commitment to security official and announce that Ditto has successfully achieved SOC 2 certification!

What is SOC 2?

SOC 2 is the industry-recognized gold standard for SaaS security compliance in the United States. In particular, SOC 2 Type 1 evaluates whether an organization’s controls are designed well, while SOC 2 Type 2 evaluates that as well as whether the security controls are design controls are actually effective over a period of time.

We’re proud to have achieved SOC 2 Type 2 certification, which verifies that Ditto upholds the highest standards of security for keeping customer data safe. To achieve certification, Ditto underwent a rigorous, months-long third-party audit of our infrastructure, software, HR processes, and policies around handling customer data, ensuring that our platform is secure and reliable.

What it means for you

We’re excited to celebrate this milestone and hope this gives all our customers confidence that Ditto has and continues to build with security as a top priority. We also know that SOC 2 compliance isn’t just a one-time task — it’s a long-term commitment. We’ll be continuing to monitor and scale our security practices, evolve them to keep up with the latest standards, and undergo third-party audits to maintain SOC 2 compliance every year.

As Ditto continues expanding support for mission-critical workflows for companies of all sizes, we remain dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance, so you can focus on what matters most: building your product.

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