Hiding & unhiding frames

To limit the scope of your Ditto project, you can hide frames that have text you're not currently working on. Hiding frames in Ditto will not affect your Figma file!

To start off, open your project in the Ditto web app (https://beta.dittowords.com). There are two ways to hide and unhide frames:

Method 1: Frames List

Open up the Frames List by clicking the button next to name of your project.

Click on the eye icon to the right of the frame name to hide or unhide a frame.

Method 2: Pages & Frames modal

Click the Pages & Frames button in the toolbar.

On the second step of the modal, you'll be able to select/deselect frames.

Use the dropdown to toggle between pages. Selected frames will be shown in Ditto, and unselected frames will be hidden.

When you're working out of the plugin and select text that's on a frame hidden in Ditto, you'll see this message:

Note that other than initial project import and selection of frames, hiding and unhiding of frames is done in the web-app.

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